Stephen Miracle

This is great and very much the truth! There is a time and place where adding more qualified developers == more "feature" output but that is in certain times. I've shared this mentality with many entrepreneurs over the years. They would disagree with me and always come back to me with regret later.

Sometimes you hire developers for more feature output. Sometimes, you hire for better framework to make the product and feature better and faster. It should all work together.

Great points about lead magnet.

The bigger truth is that people use too much templated lead magnets and systems. It's not a one size fits all process.

"You're a writer? Send 10 tips on blogging... Who cares whether you write about blogging or Captain Picard."

A lead magnet is at it's most basic form an offer. It's the reason why the person believes they will receive value from giving away their email.

Your new "lead magnet" is much better. It's more personalized and true to who you are and what you write.

It's too easy to fall into the trap that since you're a writer then you must offer teaching tips. That's mularky. Your offer is just a bundle of who you are.

Stephen Miracle

Stephen Miracle

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