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I create digital platforms during the day. I spend my nights with my beautiful wife and 5 great kids. Always tinker.

This is great and very much the truth! There is a time and place where adding more qualified developers == more "feature" output but that is in certain times. I've shared this mentality with many entrepreneurs over the years. They would disagree with me and always come back to me with regret later.

Our success is fueled by the systems we implement.

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Successful people don’t focus on accomplishing goals. They focus on establishing systems where the byproduct are goals getting done.

I’ve heard this truth time and again. I believe it. It is a losing effort to focus on the goals we create. They are important as milestones, but it’s more important to focus on creating powerful systems. Use the system to hit your goals.

Great points about lead magnet.

I totally agree here. Product managers are like drummers. It brings everything into sync when you have a good one. On the other hand, you don't have music but have noise with a bad one.

My mom’s homework trick taught me how to build a successful business.

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I create cloud apps for a living. I am really good at it. Part skill. Part experience. Part innate talent. I love tinkering and building things. So it’s the perfect gig for me.

Why the needs of your customers should be prioritized above anything else

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How many failed apps are in your phone’s app store? How many ghost town websites are on the Internet?

Successful applications requires 2 types of engineers.

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What do you picture when you think of a software developer?

Let Your Documentation Be the Narrator To the Story You Tell With Code.

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I am a new convert to code documentation.

Node and Go are Both Good Languages to Write a CLI App but Node is the a clear winner for what I want.

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I love CLI apps. I have written plenty of scripts in Node and Go that I use through the terminal but I have not built an entire CLI app.

Tired of getting turned down for junior developer jobs because you don’t have “enough experience?”

I understand. It can be tough to get a job as a junior app developer.

Stephen Miracle

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