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I create digital platforms during the day. I spend my nights with my beautiful wife and 5 great kids. Always tinker.

This is great and very much the truth! There is a time and place where adding more qualified developers == more "feature" output but that is in certain times. I've shared this mentality with many entrepreneurs over the years. They would disagree with me and always come back to me with regret later.

Sometimes you hire developers for more feature output. Sometimes, you hire for better framework to make the product and feature better and faster. It should all work together.

Our success is fueled by the systems we implement.

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Successful people don’t focus on accomplishing goals. They focus on establishing systems where the byproduct are goals getting done.

I’ve heard this truth time and again. I believe it. It is a losing effort to focus on the goals we create. They are important as milestones, but it’s more important to focus on creating powerful systems. Use the system to hit your goals.

This is what I attempt to do when I want to get things done.

I create habit rituals that set me up for success. I wish that I could claim this concept as my own, but I…

Great points about lead magnet.

The bigger truth is that people use too much templated lead magnets and systems. It's not a one size fits all process.

"You're a writer? Send 10 tips on blogging... Who cares whether you write about blogging or Captain Picard."

A lead magnet is at it's most basic form an offer. It's the reason why the person believes they will receive value from giving away their email.

Your new "lead magnet" is much better. It's more personalized and true to who you are and what you write.

It's too easy to fall into the trap that since you're a writer then you must offer teaching tips. That's mularky. Your offer is just a bundle of who you are.

I totally agree here. Product managers are like drummers. It brings everything into sync when you have a good one. On the other hand, you don't have music but have noise with a bad one.

My mom’s homework trick taught me how to build a successful business.

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I create cloud apps for a living. I am really good at it. Part skill. Part experience. Part innate talent. I love tinkering and building things. So it’s the perfect gig for me.

But I suck at the day-to-day details of running a business.

It’s true. I used to hide or deny it like a flat earth believer. I tricked myself into believing that I like bookkeeping or project management. But it was a lie. I don’t enjoy tasks that require consistency and logistics. It overwhelms me.


Why the needs of your customers should be prioritized above anything else

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How many failed apps are in your phone’s app store? How many ghost town websites are on the Internet?

You may guess hundreds of thousands and still be way off. I honestly have no idea the actual number of failed apps and websites but we can be certain it’s a lot — New businesses fail to succeed every day.

Startups where people put real sweat, time and money into their success. People who neglect other personal, relationship & career opportunities because they knew they have a great idea. An idea people will love. …

Successful applications requires 2 types of engineers.

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What do you picture when you think of a software developer?

Ok. Outside of the Star Wars, video game loving geek stereotype programming at midnight in the dark.

That’s a stereotype.. albeit, a mostly true stereotype.

But what else do you see?

Most people see either 1 of 2 types of individuals.

You will likely see a super friendly & creative person that is always making something new. They have many different hobbies & creative interests. They will play you a song on their guitar and then show you their lego fortress.


You may see a more reserved individual…

Let Your Documentation Be the Narrator To the Story You Tell With Code.

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I am a new convert to code documentation.

I neglected code documentation for way too many of my programming years. It stressed me out. I avoided it like kids avoided picking me in basketball pick-up games as a kid.

I was terrified that I was going to do it wrong or that it wouldn’t make any sense or that I was going to be ‘found out’ as a terrible programmer. I hid under the excuse that good code should self-document. …

Node and Go are Both Good Languages to Write a CLI App but Node is the a clear winner for what I want.

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I love CLI apps. I have written plenty of scripts in Node and Go that I use through the terminal but I have not built an entire CLI app.

So now I will.

I am in the middle of creating an application platform generator for my consulting services. I am code naming it “LunarBaby” because it’s a fun name and a collaboration with the Lunar Collective where I help contribute open source code.

My generator requires a CLI application in order to work as I envision. Users should be able to run lunarbaby create platform awesome-sauce and it scaffolds an…

Tired of getting turned down for junior developer jobs because you don’t have “enough experience?”

I understand. It can be tough to get a job as a junior app developer.

I have been there. I remember going through interviews and wondering, “what gives?”, “Just give me a shot.” I didn’t understand. Why couldn’t I catch a break? I studied and worked hard but couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get my foot in the door.

Then I got my first job. I got a second job and so on. Now my role is reversed and I now am regularly in the other seat interviewing other app engineers.

Now I see the hurdles junior engineers face…

Stephen Miracle

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